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Let's Build Fundy Hospice Together!

Fundy Hospice will be established in Cornwallis Park between Vimy Crescent and Spinnaker Dr located on the right approximately 300m east of Broadway Ave, the main entrance into Cornwallis Park. Cornwallis Park is a lovely community situated between Annapolis Royal and Digby, Nova Scotia on 6.63 acres generously donated by the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre.

The property is comprised of two portions, the larger one to be the site of the hospice, and smaller of the two for future consideration. The significant activities towards achieving this goal of construction are presented below in a timeline from the first to the most current activity.

In the year 2022...
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In June of this year, we saw the unveiling of the architect's rendering of the design of the future Fundy Hospice at Lazy Bear Brewing in Smiths Cove. After many meetings, reviewing the standards requirements, lengthy discussions, immeasureable hours spent by the Board of Directors, conceptualizing the layout of the building and engaging JOST+Architects of Annapolis Royal, combined with the funds raised during the Knight Ride this past September 2021, the Atalanta Hospice Society was able to take this next step. This step towards the building of the hospice would not have been possible without the kind donations made by members of the local communities, local government and businesses.

In the year 2021...
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Atalanta Hospice Society president and co-founder David Cvet and his trusty steed Nya dressed in the accoutrements of a 12th century knight, rode laps on the Cornwallis Park property amounting to 250km for the purpose of raising funds for the establishment of the Fundy Hospice, and to raise awareness for the need of a hospice to serve the counties of Annapolis and Digby. The ride opened with a number of dignitaries present showing their support including Chris d'Entremont, MLA; Warden Linda Gregory; CEO of the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre, Beth Earle; Annapolis County Councillor Alex Morrison; Mayor of Digby, Ben Cleveland and Gordon Balser, past MLA representing Jill Balser. The "Knight Ride" was the kickoff of the Capital Campaign which has as its mission, to raise the necessary capital to build the hospice by 2030, sooner if possible.

In the year 2020...
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Volunteers gathered at the future site of the Fundy Hospice in August to install the future site sign conveying that this is the location of the hospice to be built by 2030. Volunteers not only provided the materials to construct the sign, but also volunteered their sweat, energy and post-hole digging in the installation of the sign at the entrance to the property in Cornwallis Park on August 25. The day was hot, dry and sunny with temperatures at least 28C combined with a slight breeze from the Annapolis Basin which thankfully kept the bug count down! The final touch was the installation of the actual panel on September 08 within the framing installed earlier in August.

In the year 2019...
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David, co-founder of the Atalanta Hospice Society donated materials and his endless energy on constructing the "future site" sign to be installed at the t-bone intersection of the laneway entering the property at Vimy Crescent of the properties donated by the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre earlier in 2019. The properties donation was announced at a large event hosted at the Digby Golf Resort and Spa in Digby, NS. The sign was constructed out of a combination of 6x6 posts, 2x4 framing with the sign measuring approximately 4ft x 8ft. The lattice framing on each side makes the entire sign approximately 16ft in width. The construction of the sign was during October 2019, and the finishing touches (adjustments, sanding, painting) was conducted over the winter in David's workshop.

In the year 2017...
The Atalanta Hospice Society logo

A group of five passionate individuals in Smiths Cove, Nova Scotia had initiated a journey to raise funds and capital for the establishment of a 5-10 bed residential hospice in Digby, NS area. This group aimed to create a residential form of hospice designed to provide the critical services to those requiring end-of-life care; to relieve the stress and financial duress of family members. The name Atalanta was chosen having originated from the name of the 17-canon ship commanded by Admiral Robert Digby who helped evacuate about 1,500 United Empire Loyalists from the United States arriving in Conway (renamed Digby in 1787) in early June of 1783. The founding Board of Directors included David M. Cvet, Lois Stevenson, Neil Nichols, Doug Irvine and Dela Erith and registered the Atalanta Hospice Society as a not-for-profit society in the province of Nova Scotia on August 4, 2017.