Quest for Fundy Hospice
The Quest for Fundy Hospice is a multi-year capital campaign to raise $3.5 million for construction of a residential-style hospice on the 6.63 acres in Cornwallis Park donated by the Annapolis Basin Conference Centre. The hospice will serve the needs of residents in Digby and Annapolis municipalities and surrounding areas.

To kick off the Quest, The Atalanta Hospice Society sponsored a five-day "Knight Ride" in September 2021 to raise awareness and funds.

The Knight Ride raised more than $17,000 thanks to generous contributions from the community.

The 250-kilometre horse ride was undertaken by society president and co-founder David Cvet. Wearing accoutrements like those worn by 13th Century medieval knights, David and his trusty steed, Nya, rode daily laps around the hospice property for five days until they reached their goal of riding 250 kilometres to raise money for Fundy Hospice.

The Fundy Hospice will become the fourth residential hospice within Nova Scotia and the first such facility in Southwest Nova Scotia once it is placed into operation in 2025.

Even though the Knight Ride is done, you can still support the Quest. Find out how at by clicking here.

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