50/50 Fundraising Online Raffle
This monthly 50/50 raffle is hoped to raise awareness of our intention to support and build a hospice in Cornwallis Park and to raise funds needed to build the hospice. Monthly draws at the end of each month will occur at the Wine Kitz Digby location, 471 Hwy #303.
January 30, 2023Pam from Deep Brook$117
December 31, 2022Eleanor from Weymouth$165
November 30, 2022Eleanor from Weymouth$115
October 30, 2022Sandra from Barton$207
September 30, 2022Josh from Seabrook$190
August 30, 2022Joyce from Bridgetown$310
July 31, 2022Adrienne from Cornwallis Park$300
June 30, 2022Dale from Annapolis Royal$300
May 30, 2022Linda from Cornwallis Park$357
April 30, 2022Jackie from Cornwallis Park$120
March 30, 2022Gini from Deep Brook$320
Febrary 28, 2022Veronica from Annapolis Royal$185
January 31, 2022Louise from Lequille$227

* Donated prize to the Atalanta Hospice Society